About Team Tennis

Team Tennis is one of our most popular programs for adults interested in playing Doubles Tennis. Team Tennis is for adult players (16 years of age or older) of all skill levels. It's an evening of fun and competitive tennis.

Players are put on a team of 6, ranked based on their skill level and are paired off against similarly skilled players.

Players are divided into three skill groups: beginner (number 1), intermediate (numbers 2, 3, and 4), and advanced (numbers 5 and 6).

All teams play once a week on either Mondays or Wednesdays. The time of play will vary each week, either 6:30 - 8:30 or 8:40 - 10:40pm. The cost of Team Tennis is $20/person for the season. 

Required skill level

While players of all skill levels are welcome to play, each player MUST have some tennis experience and MUST be able to serve and sustain a rally. For those members who are not ready for Team Tennis, we recommend that you to participate in the Tuesday evening drop-in lessons and/or take advantage of private lessons/pro clinics to further your development prior to joining Team Tennis.

Teams and Schedules

Monday: Teams, Schedule

Wednesday: Teams, Schedule

Downloads: Scoresheet, rules and procedures.


Please see our spares page to request a spare or volunteer to be a spare. See the Rules and Procedures below for guidelines about finding spares.

Can't find a spare? Check our spare list

Results and Standings



Wins Losses Ties    
  Monday Team 3 10 21 13 matches   83.3%   
  Monday Team 2 7 42 13 matches   63.6%   
  Monday Team 4 4 90 13 matches   30.8%   
  Monday Team 1 3 91 13 matches   25.0%   
Wins Losses Ties Incomplete    
  Wednesday Team 3 9 212 14 matches   81.8%   
  Wednesday Team 2 8 401 13 matches   66.7%   
  Wednesday Team 1 3 720 12 matches   30.0%   
  Wednesday Team 4 1 831 13 matches   11.1%   
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Rules and Procedures

We've compiled a list of rules and procedures in an attempt to run Team Tennis as efficiently as possible.

Please review the document and make sure you're familiar with its contents.