Rules and Regulations

1)Hespeler Tennis Club members will receive preference over non-members; please ensure member shoe-tags are prominently displayed.
2)Leagues, tournaments, inter-urban matches, and lessons will take precedence over public play.
3)For all public play, there is a maximum of 30 minutes of additional play when others are waiting for a court.
4)Appropriate attire (including non-marking tennis shoes) is mandatory.
5)No animals, smoking, or alcoholic beverages are allowed on the court or in the clubhouse.
6)Non-tennis related activities (skateboarding, hockey, etc) are not permitted on or around the courts.
7)Shouting, swearing, and heckling will not be tolerated.
8)Please turn down your cell phones while on or around the court.
9)The gate must remain closed at all times.
10)Pick up all garbage, water bottles, and tennis balls after you are done and dispose of them accordingly (garbage or recycling)

Any member who breaks any of the above rules or is not acting in the interest of the Hespeler Tennis Club can have their membership suspended or revoked.