Policies and Procedures


  • Court reservations that are not in compliance with the policies listed below (under the Court Reservations heading) may be removed by an HTC Board or Staff member at any time without notification to the club member that created the reservation.
  • Failure to comply with any of the policies and procedures listed below will result in the loss of court reservation privileges.
  • First time offenders will be given a verbal and/or written warning.
  • Second time offenders will have their court booking privileges revoked for 7 days.
  • Third time offenders will have their court booking privileges permanently revoked for the remainder of the season. Following a third offense, the HTC Board will decide whether the individual’s membership will also be revoked or if the individual will be permitted to hit with other members for the remainder of the season.
  • Violations may be reported by any member using the online form or by scanning the QR Code on the “HTC ‘Policies & Procedures’ Violations Reporting” Poster at the club house.

Court Reservations

  • Courts can only be used if they have been reserved online, and only club members are permitted to book courts.
  • Court reservations must include the first and last name of all players and guests must be identified as such.
  • Names on court reservations must be accurate at the time of play. As applicable, last-minute changes must be made to ensure accuracy.
  • Two members are not permitted to book two consecutive hours of court time together, unless one hour is a “last-minute booking” made within 2 hours of the court time.
  • One member may play two consecutive hours of singles with different opponents.
  • Three or four members may book two consecutive hours of court time together.


  • Guests are welcome to HTC for no more than 3 visits, for the purpose of playing tennis (not pickleball).
  • Court reservations must include the first and last name of all players and guests must be identified as such.


For the 2021 season, pickleball will be permitted under the following conditions:
  • All players must be registered members. Guests are not permitted for the purpose of playing pickleball.
  • Tennis nets must not be lowered by any means.
  • Any court lines of markers must not leave a residue or permanently mark or damage the courts in any way.

Dress Code

  • All members must be able to produce their current “shoe tag” as proof of membership upon request.
  • Non-marking shoes must be worn. (Tennis shoes are highly recommended. Sandals are not permitted).
  • Appropriate tennis attire (including a shirt) must be worn at all times.

Court Etiquette

  • While on or near the courts, ensure your cell phone ringer volume is low.
  • Prior to leaving the courts, ensure you have collected all belongings, garbage (including metal lids from fresh ball tins), and balls.
  • Be considerate to your opponent and towards the players on neighbouring courts. This includes using a low voice during any on-court discussions / conversations.
  • Always give your opponent the benefit of the doubt on close line calls. If you are not absolutely sure the ball was out, then you should play it as good. This includes serves.
  • For safety reasons, if a ball or player from an adjacent court comes onto your court, you should immediately call a let.
  • The rules of tennis state that a shot is considered good unless it is called out. Always call out balls, even if the call seems obvious. If you are standing outside the court and the ball touches your racquet before it bounces, the point is awarded to your opponent.
  • The receiver must be ready before the server starts the point, on both the first and second serve. If a ball rolls onto your court between the first and second serve, causing an interruption, the server is entitled to two serves.
  • When crossing behind a court, wait until play has stopped.
  • When returning balls to another court, wait until they have finished their point.
  • When calling for your ball from another court, wait until their point is over.
  • Players must always conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. The following actions will not be permitted:
    • Shouting at an opponent or partner.
    • Throwing a racket (in any direction or location).
    • Intentionally hitting a ball dangerously or recklessly (in any direction or location).
  • If you are the last member leaving the courts ensure the gate is closed tightly and the lights are turned off.
  • Tennis courts are to be used for racquet sports only. No other sports or activities are permitted.
  • No animals, smoking, or alcoholic beverages are permitted on the courts or in the clubhouse.

Why We Enforce These Policies and Procedures

  • To ensure the safety of HTC members.
  • To ensure players maintain a professional sportsperson attitude on the courts.
  • To maintain and enhance the image of HTC.