Court Reservations


Rules and guidelines for the court reservation system:

  • Players are asked to arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to their court time.
  • Courts may be reserved up to one week in advance, but you may only create a reservation once every 22 hours.
  • For singles play, consecutive timeslots shall not be be booked. For doubles play, a maximum of two consecutive timeslots is permitted.
  • You must include the full names of any players who will be sharing the court with you.
  • A reservation may be cancelled at any time, but please avoid last-minute cancellations as this may result in courts sitting empty.
  • Abusing this reservation system by not showing up for your booked court times may result in loss of your court booking privileges.
  • In rare cases, a reservation may be cancelled due to club functions that need to be rescheduled (due to inclement weather, etc).
  • See the HTC Policies and Procedures for more information.

The club has shut down for the winter. Court bookings will resume when the 2022 season begins.