Junior After-School and Weekend Spring Lessons

After-school and weekend spring lessons are offered free with a junior or family membership.

One lesson per week for 4 weeks is offered to all Junior members (aged 5-17) free of charge.

Lessons will run the week of May 17 on:

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays: 4-5pm or 5-6pm
  • Saturdays: 10-11am

Progressive/Mini Tennis

Progressive/mini tennis lessons are also offered. These are for beginners who are typically between the ages of 5-8 who are new to the game. These lessons take place on smaller courts with softer balls making learning the game easier and more fun for young kids.

When considering whether your child is ready to learn tennis, the rule of thumb is whether or not they have balance and coordination and the ability to focus on the task at hand. If you are not sure if your child is ready for tennis lessons, please touch base with our Head Pro who can give you guidance.

Regular after school lessons:

We will do our best to group the lessons such that children with similar skill levels are placed together on court, with a goal of having 6 max per court.

Junior Summer Lessons

Weekly summer lessons run between July and August. See the summer lessons page for more information.

Junior Private Lessons

Private or semi-private lessons with our head coach can also be arranged. Please see here for more information about setting up a private lesson.