Hespeler Tennis Club Board of Directors

The Hespeler Tennis Club is a non-profit organization run by a group of volunteer directors. A given director position is typically held for 1- or 2-year terms, and may be held for up to 2 consecutive terms.

Board of Directors:

Presidentpresident@hespelertennis.on.caKevin Worley
Vice-Presidentvicepresident@hespelertennis.on.caErin Hellinga
Treasurertreasurer@hespelertennis.on.caElke Lupinsky
Secretarysecretary@hespelertennis.on.caMary Foulger
Junior Club Directorjuniorclub@hespelertennis.on.caEmily MacGillvary
Membership Directormembership@hespelertennis.on.caDan Darney
Facilities / Maintenance Directorfacilities@hespelertennis.on.caNathan Hellinga


Team Tennisteamtennis@hespelertennis.on.caMary Foulger
Singles Ladderladder@hespelertennis.on.caChris Alexander
Health & Safetyhealthandsafety@hespelertennis.on.caKribin Naidu
Tech / Websitewebadmin@hespelertennis.on.caMason Doerr

Director Role Descriptions


  • work with all members of the board to keep the club moving forward, ensuring that we stay true to the vision and mission statement of the club
  • coordinate all aspects of running the club
  • work in conjunction with all board members to set the annual calendar of events for the upcoming season, set registration rates and program fees, and set compensation structure and wages for all staff
  • liaise with city staff
  • liaise with other local tennis clubs


  • work in conjunction with President and board on big picture initiatives and planning and the execution of those initiatives and plans in preparation to take over the President role once the President has served their term
  • this person holds another specific position on the board, but is earmarked for assuming the President's role


  • keep records of all income and expenses
  • prepare year-end reports on financial position
  • set budget guidelines for all cost centers for the coming year


  • take and distribute minutes of all meetings
  • keep Operations Guide up to date with all policies and changes to contacts

Junior Club Director

  • an adult whose mandate is to "speak" for the junior members at board meetings
  • help to promote junior participation in programs (i.e. school presentations in early spring prior to registration, fun fairs, etc)

Membership Director

  • coordinate club promotion activities
  • organize and oversee the registration process and maintenance of the membership database throughout the season

Facilities / Maintenance Director

  • coordinate all aspects of court and clubhouse upkeep and supplies
  • liaise with city parks and rec staff for their assistance with fixing/maintaining the grounds, buildings, and courts

Leagues and Tournaments Director

  • oversee all leagues and tournaments run by Hespeler Tennis Club
  • separate individuals may run specific leagues and then liaise with League and Tournament director for direction and policy decisions (see specific League and Tournament Coordinator roles below)

League and Tournament Coordinator Role Descriptions

Team Tennis Coordinator

  • evaluate new and returning players' abilities and form teams
  • set schedule of play for regular season and playoffs/finals
  • ensure that all TT players know the rules of the league (e.g. meet with every team on their first night)

Interurban Coordinator

  • evaluate players and set team(s)
  • oversee food and beverages for home games
  • attend annual interurban meeting in November

Singles Ladder Coordinator

  • create and maintain the ladder at the beginning of the season and update monthly
  • create and maintain score sheets in the clubhouse and on website

Social Coordinator

  • plan and execute all aspects of all adult and junior social events
  • ensure that the clubhouse is always stocked with items used primarily at socials and tournaments
  • continually seek new and/or improved ways to offer social events for the HTC membership

Tech / Website Coordinator

  • update website as needed
  • consult on upgrades, changes, and seasonal suspensions of service to internet and other technical hardware at the club, including computers, routers, phones, etc.

Fundraising Coordinator

  • continually seek and execute fundraising opportunities for future club requirements and endeavours as agreed by the board